Friday, October 10, 2014

Mom Clothes

Mom clothes definition:  Comfy clothes that are cute enough for carpool and errands, and cheap enough that you won't mind them getting dirty because you didn't spend much.  

Are you one of those moms that gets ready only when you go to work or church?  Me too!!!  Why waste an hour getting ready when you can spend it getting caught up on laundry or dishes.  Whenever I put on makeup my kids ask me where we are going.  I recently decided that even if I don't put on makeup or do my hair, I at least need to make an effort to get out of my T-shirt and pajama pants.  The problem with having 5 kids under 7 is your clothes are going to get dirty.  Whether it's from dirty hands, spit-up, or poop.   Also, I'm always bending down picking up toys or playing with kids.  
I decided that I needed some more "mom" clothes.  So where did I look for cheap, comfy clothes....Walmart of course.  I love that you get free shipping when you spend $50.  I only shop online for clothes.  I don't have time anymore to shop in the stores.  I sometimes buy my clothes from cute boutiques but they are so expensive that I never wear them at home because I don't want to ruin them.  I found some cute cheap clothes from Walmart that I want to share with you.

I mostly looked for fall weather clothes but I found some cute short sleeve shirts on clearance.  I am so not a model but I thought I'd put the clothes on so you could better choose your size.  I am 5'8 1/2" and weigh 127.  All the clothes are medium except for the first two shirts are large.  Click on the link above the picture to buy it.  Hurry because these shirts are running out of sizes!

This first shirt is only $2.99!  It's such a great deal that I bought four.  I'm hoping they will shrink a bit because the large is a little big.  These are going fast so hurry if you want some shirts for next spring!

This shirt is SO cute that I needed two!  More colors available.

This shirt has some spandex in the material.  Yay for no wrinkles!

This shirt has other designs available.  It also is spandex.
I like this shirt because the V isn't cut too low and I don't have to layer a tank top underneath.

I like this top but I wish I would have got the purple.  I didn't realize I bought a few blue shirts.  It's a couple inches longer in the back.  Lots of colors available.

This shirt is a bit like the one above but a bit cuter.  I like how the back is rounded a long.  The sleeves are cuter too with the cuff.  The material is a bit thicker too.  More colors available.

This top is casual but super cute too.  I love stripes!  Available in lots of colors.

Everyone needs a comfy Vneck Tee.  Lots of cute colors.  I bought two.

Very comfy and still cute enough for errands!  More colors available.

It's going to be freezing before we know it.  These sweaters are darling!  Can you tell I love stripes?  Other colors available.

This dress is only $ of course I bought two.  It's a bit big in the hips.  I might take it in a bit.  Maxi dresses are comfy.  They can worn around the house or to church.  More colors available.  

Wearing a cardigan hides how big the hip area is.
Use the same link above.

I wore this dress Sunday and had to nurse.  It wasn't a problem because I had a shirt underneath and it has buttons.  I just undid the buttons and was able to pull it down over my arms like skirt.  It's long enough for my frame is also great for shorter women because it will just fold over at the waistband.

I didn't model this shirt because I wasn't going to include it.  It's too fancy for a mom shirt but so cute it's worth including.  I bought the cream one.  More colors available.

There you have it.  Lots of awesome mom clothes.  No more excuses to stay in pajama pants all day!

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