Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet Martina

Hi!  I'm Martina... it's so nice to meet you. ;)

I am 37 years young and have a very lively personality.  I love to laugh, sing, dance, karaoke, read, learn, discuss the mysteries of the universe, study ancient civilizations, enjoy nature, hike, teach, travel, and especially play with my kids.

 I also love natural healing and use/teach about energy work and healing, essential oils, herbs, healthy eating, other holistic methods.  I love studying the body and the mind and how we interact with our world and beyond.  I especially love talking about how to find LIGHT in all areas of your life!  Learning to love yourself and finding freedom from all forms of darkness is a very important to me.... mainly because I have faced many dark and painful things (as I'm sure you will hear at some point). ;)

I am a mother to 5 kids... actually, I should say 6... because if I don't then it gets really confusing when I refer to my first born son who I placed for adoption and have now reconnected after 19 years!  He is amazing and we have so much in common!  I love him and his family so much.

Then I have 2 other boys and 3 girls.... the baby was a complete surprise!  At first, I was terrified to have a baby again - but she has been such a joy!

I am excited to be a contributor to this blog.  I think it will be a fantastic resource for mothers everywhere!  We are all Lionesses at the gate of our home and we can be nurturing, loving, protective, as well as fierce and strong.  I look forward to connecting to you in the future!  Together let's change the world - starting with our home! 

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