Saturday, September 13, 2014

Meet Jan

Hi I'm Jan.

Not Janice, Jeannette, or Janet, or any other add on to Jan. " just Jan". I mean I have nothing against any of those other names, but when your parents were expecting a "Scott" apparently end up as Jan.

There's a lot in a name and I am such a Jan!! So a little about me... I turned 57 a week ago. I was also born in 1957, isn't that amazing!!! I am a wife to Rick my friend, confidant, lover, husband, partner in crime. We have experienced wedded bliss for almost 32 years. It's our second marriage for both of us. So our family is made up of yours mine and ours. Rick adopted the "mine" ones so.......oh crap all four are all of ours when you've been married this long! We have 5 of the most adorable-est grandboys EVER!

missing william (youngest grand son)
I worked as a mail carrier for 23 years and then had to quit because my full time job was getting in the way of my part time job. Let's talk Post Office for just a second. The post office is like a group of seagulls.... It gets a bad rap, but most of time it deserves it. Nuff said. No seriously great job back in the day for a working mommy. I wasn't home when they left for school (so daddy was in charge of hair eeeek) but I was always there when they came home. Photography took me away from the PO, so thank you Nikon! Not sure how long I should ramble on here. Oh one more thing I love my Savior!


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