Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meet Shannon

You know that one person in the group that is always the loudest and has everyone's attention?  Yea, well that's not me.  I am an introvert who really wants to be an extrovert, and I come across as an awkward girl who tries too hard to fit in.  Sarcasm is my method of communication, especially when I'm trying to socialize.  

Junior high drama does not interest me.  I'm more interested in how you and I can connect.  Finding that one thing that we both know and have experienced in-depth and building a solid foundation for friendship is what drives me. 

I love being married, and......well, second marriages ROCK!  I only say that because my first marriage lasted two months before I had enough.  So, in other words, this marriage feels like my first. Having a great husband and two boys is a blessing that I could never thank God for enough.

We each brought one child to the marriage and each day brings a new challenge and an opportunity for growth.  I'm a little slow when it comes to learning lessons and many of them seem to hit me at once. 

I went from a single mom, to a birth mom, to a step mom in a matter of just over two years.  Don't worry, I'll elaborate on future posts.  Can't give away all my secrets on the introduction.


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