Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The last few days I have been in a slump. One I've been sick, being sick is awful when you're a mom.  Two I've had a lot of fear and anxiety building up.  There are trials I am enduring that at times seem all encompassing.  There are days where functioning is hard, getting out of bed and getting ready for the day seems impossible.  There are moments where I just sit and cry.  Last night everything bubbled to the surface and basically exploded in a torrent of tears.  All moms do that, right?

As I laid in my bed awake, at 2 am I made a decision that tomorrow I was going to get out of my slump.  I was going to do something for someone else.  First on the agenda was helping a friend who just had surgery.

Sweet tooth fairy cupcakes and an essential oil blend to speed up healing, relieve itching and reduce inflammation.  I sat for a moment and talked with my sweet friend Kari and about all the struggles I've been enduring and the ones she has been as well.  It truly was like I walked in with a weight on my chest and walked out with wings on my back.  She may NEVER know the service she did for me but I am truly grateful.

Next on the list was school shoe shopping for the boys.

Jaxson has never owned light up shoes in his life (that acutally work) because I don't really love character shoes.  It seems like those are the only light up shoes you can find.  Check out these sweet kicks we found at Nordstrom rack in Farmington today.  He wore them out of the store because he loved them so much.  The puma lights up.  I'm totally fine with that.

Shopping with kids is stressful but seeing the smile on their face with their new shoes on their feet, priceless.  It seriously brought so much warmth to my heart.  


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