Monday, September 1, 2014

Meet Chelsie

My name is Chelsie

I just turned 30 the other day and I am so excited for life in my thirties. I have been married to my best friend for 10 years. We have been best friends for 15 years. We have two boys that are the center of our life. Tate is 5 and Cole is 3. They are so much fun, and keep me so busy! I love being their mom!

I own my own business and love every minute of it!! I sell LuLaRoe clothing!! I have maxi skirts, leggings, shirts, pencil skirts, dresses and more!!!

Some things about me include being the oldest of 3 girls. I am left handed. I LOVE SUMMER AND THE BEACH!! I love shopping, crafts, sandals, the color pink, and singing and dancing in the kitchen with my boys. I love ice cream. I love math and learning. I love to travel. I love hanging out with my family!!


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  1. So fun that you're on here! Love you Chelsie :)! Xoxo