Friday, September 19, 2014

Health Care

Thursday night we had an opportunity to attend an event at the University of Utah Daybreak Hospital.  It is truly a beautiful facility.  I was amazed to learn that it is a full functioning hospital just like the one on the hill in salt lake.  It was a very informative night that I'm hopeful is going to lead to some great things for our blog and you as our community.

Have you ever gone on to and put in your symptoms?  I have, and typically I close the window feeling like I'm going to die.  Not because I actually am but because my symptoms all match that of pancreatits, or lymphoma, or some other life altering health concern.  It's a site that you can leave feelings like you have every life threatening illness in the world when in all actually you have a strained back muscle and with a little rest, ice, and time you'll be fine.  The Univeristy of Utah Hospital is looking to do away with that confusion.  What if there was a community that you could turn to for real answers from real doctors that specialize in the area that you have questions.  Wouldn't that be amazing.  The potential of that coming from this blog is great.

We loved being able to talk with the Life Flight crew that flew in, just for us, and learn more about the amazing things they do for the community and just how important their jobs are.  Something I thought was so cool was when they were talking about going on calls.  One of the Flight Nurses said their rule is "three to go and one to stay."  What that means is that if one of the crew members doesn't have a good feeling about going on the call they don't go.  They each go with their gut instincts.  As a mother who truly believes in mothers intuition and going off of gut instincts I thought that was very cool.

My first thought…way too much red for this avid BYU fan. However, once I got over that thought and started looking around I noticed what a beautiful facility they have. Very up-to-date and clean, a comfortable place for any medical emergency. Yes I just used the words ‘comfortable’ and ‘emergency’ in the same sentence. But isn't that what you would want if you were dealing with any type of trauma?  Throughout the evening we learned about their main concern, providing positive and helpful health and wellness information for their patients, and the community. Their website that they are recommending to all patients and prospective patients is:
From there we were able to meet the very friendly physicians and staff. So to sum the night up…even though it was at a U of U facility and there was not enough blue in the décor, they have an amazing hospital and insta care that is available to so many people. It is the perfect place for any medical need, and they have wonderful people there to help you through it all.

Attending the UUHC Blogger night was an awesome experience and I met some pretty incredible people. The host, Lizzy, was very friendly and wanted us to feel comfortable so she had food and freebies for us. Wahoo! Thank you, Libby. As a medical facility they want to do more than just treat patients and diseases, they want to educate and connect with more people through a different aspect of social media, which is our blog. Our blog reaches several types of people who have different medical questions and need answers from a trusted source. What better way to connect the two than by meeting each others needs for all to benefit.

I am looking forward to working with UUHC's medical professionals and providing our blog readers with answers and educating them on the important issues in their lives. So bring on your questions!!! No holds barred!

Meeting the Life Flight staff and seeing the helicopter up front and personal was an amazing experience. They are genuinely passionate about what they do and the people they serve. I can honestly say this about all the staff that was at the event.

Thank you for your generosity UUHC!

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