Saturday, September 27, 2014

Meet the Mormons

There have been few times in my life where I leave a movie thinking, "Holy cow I feel like I"m floating, that was so good."  After attending an exclusive premier of "Meet the Mormons" last night in Salt Lake I felt just that.  I was filled with pride, hope, joy, passion, and love.  One movie made little old me feel all of those things.  Just imagine what it will to do all of you amazing people when you go see it.  

OK DISCLAIMER:  They asked us to take a picture in front of the screen.  Jumping came to mind.  I'm not a jumping type person so the results are the following picture.  I promise you I did get off the ground.  HEY I won a prize for this amazing picture so don't you worry it was worth posting on Instagram!

The movie follows 6 amazing individuals who have stories that are so diverse, unique, and amazing. Each of the Mormons in the movie share not only their real life experience but ways that they have been lifted, lightened, and edified through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I cried as I watch the old movies of "The Candy Bomber" wiggle his wings at the children waiting in Berlin as they waited for his plane to fly over.

I will be rooting for the Navy every time they play football simply because of the amazing man that is their coach.  He has been an example of good to every single member of the team he coaches and the staff he is in charge of.  He taught me there is power in example.  

Half way around the world he is being an example to others and proving that faith and culture can be united.  You can choose to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and still be an active member in a society and culture that may not believe in Christ.

Age does not matter it is the willingness to serve the Lord that matters.  Truer words have never been said.  Diversity will unite us instead of dragging us apart.  We will be able to find strength in others because of their difference.  "The Bishop" in Meet the Mormons is proving that to be true through his daily living.

Wow.  Just wow is all I can say about the amazing talent and passion behind this young mother.  She proves that you can follow your passion, be a member of the LDS faith, and be a mother as well.  She is doing great things for Costa Rica.

Dawn won over my heart.  Truly she did.  Her conversion, her faith, her personality, her ability to find the light and truth was so awe inspiring.  I honestly ugly cried during part of her clip and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

This movie is opening to the public on October 10.  Everyone needs to see it.  If you have ever had questions about Mormons, what we believe, how we live, what we do when faced with trials you need to go see this movie.  Even if you haven't ever wondered I would still go see it because of the inspiration that each of the individuals in the film are.  My life has been blessed for being able to attend this movie and I am so glad to share it with each of you. I am Mormon.  I live it!  I love it!

***I have given tickets for the premier in exchange for this post.  However the feedback and passion is completely my own.  I was not paid to give it rave reviews.  It's just that good people***

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