Saturday, October 11, 2014

Creativity Art Studio

 I love mommy and son date nights.  It's a great time to laugh, have fun and bond with the little ones in my life.  This week's date night was with my 6 yr old, Liam, at Creativity Art Studio in Orem.
When we got there they gave us a 3x3 tile and showed us all of the fun colors that we could paint them with.  They explained about the "3 coat rule" meaning that one coat meant you could still see brush strokes and it would be a very light color and 3 coats would mean a darker more finished look.  After that Liam grabbed his smock, his pain colors and went to town painting his tile.
His first masterpiece he told me was a pattern but then he found his true inspiration and decided to start over.  We ended up with matching BYU tiles that he is so excited to use.
A big thanks to Katie at Earning Our Stripes for hosting the mother & kids date night.  She shared the studios cute story about how they came to be.  The owner was out of work and knew how much his little girl loved art.  So he decided to open up Creativity Art Studio to share his daughters love of art with everyone.  
They now offer Art Instruction classes, host birthday parties and have an after school Kids Club.  There's a little something for everyone!  As we were leaving Liam said "Mom, we have to come back and bring dad.  He would love it!".  Well, that says it all...they have won over my little guys heart through their love of art also.

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