Thursday, October 9, 2014

Salt of the Earth: Spa Skin Care Products

When we say homemade goods. What are the first words that come to mind?

Love, passion, determination, caring, quality are all words that we think of.  How true is it that when you get a homemade gift from a friend you know, without a doubt, they were thinking of you when they made it.  The same is true for an amazing company based out of Utah. 

We've always been passionate about supporting local companies in everything we do.  We've found a new local company that we will be supporting for sure.  Salt of the Earth is our new favorite go to for all our spa skin care products.  The "larger 12oz stackable retail jars are 100% made in Utah, that's right the salt minerals from the Great Salt Lake, the plastics are actually manufactured in Logan and the rest is made right here in our facility...truly local".  When we say spa needs we're talking "mommy time", "alone time", "pampering" even if it's just for a moment next to the kitchen sink.

Now is your chance to head on over to Salt of the Earth and get some amazing spa products.  Paul is amazing and is doing something special for our readers.  Use the promo code: saltyparty14 and you'll get 40% off retail!  Guys they have NEVER done this before so hurry over and claim your discount. Those local to utah you can email them and do a pick up (no shipping cost if you do that)

We had so much fun at the #saltyparty hosted by Salt of the Earth. Paul Heslop is a creative genius and so much fun. We made salt products, ate, danced, and had a piñata mosh pit. We were pampered with custom hand massages. I chose the Stress Free fragrance, which was awesome. We also got to make and take home a custom product. I made a Juicy Pink Grapefruit cream. It was really hard to choose a favorite because all of their products are amazing! Big thanks also to Whole Foods for the yummy food and IKEA for the awesome swag.

I was very impressed with Salt of the Earth. They are doing great things and using great local ingredients. I love my mango salt scrub. It is beyond yummy! I also had a great time getting a hand massage from a very beautiful NIMA student. It was a great night with some great people.

The event was simply amazing.  It was full of bloggers, amazing scents, and amazing energy.  Paul at a spry 29 years old has done so much with a business that literally started out of his neighbors garage.  It was so great to be able to connect with old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy an amazing hand massage.  I had such a hard time picking a favorite scent.  I bounced back and forth between Cabana Boy and Cabernet and Neroli.  I mean who doesn't need a little Cabana Boy in their life every day. (Ok I'm thinking about that wording and maybe it should be worded different)

Huge thanks to Ashlee Marie for being so open and honest while we got our hand treatments done.  Our kids have many similarities and it was so refreshing to be able to talk to another mother about some of the quirks our little super kiddos deal with.  Also, please note if I could look as stunning as she does with awesome colored hair, I would TOTALLY have purple hair!  She is rocking that teal hair.

The food was provided by Whole Foods and I was pleasantly surprised.  I had the most amazing mac and cheese with pork.  It was a great combination.  And don't get me started on the desserts.  They not only looked stunning but they tasted divine.  

One of the highlights of the night was the piñata.  Lesson learned. Don't put thousands of dollars of prizes in a piñata for bloggers to snatch.  It was like a blogger black friday on steroids.  Great to watch from the outside but not something I wanted to get in on.  Congrats though to those that won!
Way to go Whitney from A mommy's life with a touch of yellow for getting some good hits in before the piñata fought back.  Cross fit must be paying off.  She got some stellar hits in.  I got a video of the amazing swing from Lindsay aka Frenchie knocking the piñata down and the craziness that then resulted but it was black and you could hardly see anything.  

Thank you Paul for a great night!  Keep your eyes peeled to the blog this month.  We have some huge and exciting things happening.  You're not going to want to miss it!

Who doesn't love a good party where there is pampering, delicious food, and wonderful company? That is exactly what Salt of the Earth provided for spa product night. The night started off with a relaxing hand/arm salt scrub and massage. The scent I chose was White Ginger, it was recommended by the aesthetic girls from the NIMA. Paul Heslop, owner & chief care officer, announced to us that their products are now going international and can also be found in many 5 star hotels. Whole Foods provided yummy Gouda macaroni and cheese followed by creme brûlée and fresh fruit. The swag at the end of the night was warm comfy robes and container for body products from IKEA. As a parting gift Salt of the Earth filled our IKEA containers with our choice of salt scrub, sugar scrub, or body butter. I chose salt scrub with Cabernet & Neroli scent, is smells like heaven in a cup! Such a great end to a fun night. Couldn't have asked for more.

Wow! Salt of the Earth sure does know how to throw one heck of a ladies night. It was full of hand massages with their signature oils/salts/lotions, great food, networking with other bloggers, and fabulous freebies! Paul Heslop is a great entrepreneur and has thought of several different ways these products can benefit so many people. He is creative, social, and innovative. I was very impressed with the whole night.

And to finish off this post here are some of our amazing dance moves! Enjoy!

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  1. It was so great seeing Katelyn again and getting to meet Camie and Roue Anne. Camie...we are one in the same sista... I chose the Stress Free for my massage and the Juicy Pink Grapefruit for my creme too! Hope to see more of you cute ladies!