Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Little Family

I love my little family!  They are my everything.  I'll introduce you to them and I know that you'll love them too. 

I've been married to my husband, Mr. McHot Nerd, for over 10 years now.  He proposed to me in my favorite Chinese restaurant  The food was amazing but it was so loud that when he popped the question I couldn't hear him.  I leaned over to him and said "what did you say?".  Luckily he wrote me a 3 page love letter to make up for the non-romantic setting.  At the bottom of the letter it said

PS- will you marry me?
Circle one: yes or yes

We sure know how to push each others buttons but I still love my Mr. McHot Nerd and the sweet, funny, gentle man that he is.  (His pet name for me is Nerdette, we are so corny!)

We have 4 boys, still hoping to one day add a little princess but until then I'm loving all of the sports games, Legos, wrestling, Star Wars and monster trucks in our home.
Photo Credit: Sharon Crown Photography

Bobby is our oldest.  He would have turned 9 in August.  He was born with a rare heart defect and only lived for 11 days.  He lived his entire life at Primary Children's Medical Center and was never able to come home.  We saw many miracles in those 11 days, one of my favorite miracles was being able to hold him for 2 minute while he was alive.  Due to his condition, we could only hold his hands or touch his feet at PCMC.  But luckily before life flight came to take him into surgery, I was able to hold him in my arms and kiss him with out any wires or tubes being attached to him.  I will always have a special place in heart for Bobby because he made me a mother.

Ted is our second little boy and he would be turning 8 next month.  (Bobby and Ted were 15 months apart.) He was also born with a rare heart defect but he also had bowel problems that required a colostomy bag.  Even with all of his health issues he was such a happy little guy.  You could always find him smiling, laughing and just being so content with life.  He loved cell phones, remote controls and his daddy.  We had 9 1/2 beautiful months with Ted; he was then called home to heaven to be reunited with his older brother.  I find so much peace knowing that my 2 angels are together and watching over our family.
Photo Credit: Sharon Crown Photogarphy

Liam came to us through the wonderful miracle of adoption.  He was placed in our arms at 4 days old.  He is now 6 yrs old.  You can often find him telling knock-knock jokes, playing football or baseball, watching BYU sports or snuggling with family members.  He loves music and has been playing the violin for over a year now.  He's my big helper and is always asking if he can help me chop veggies for dinner.  Liam brought so much peace and comfort to a heart broken mommy.  His birthmom is an angel and we are so grateful to her for her love and sacrifice.

Stanley is our baby and so full of life!  He also came to us through the blessing of adoption.  He is 3 yrs old and is always coming up with the best phrases.  One of the best was when he told my mom that she should be the "wicked witch of the west" for Halloween.  He followed up with "But make sure yous have a gween face alwight".  Stanley is all boy and loves every sport that has a ball.  His favorite thing to do is catch butterflies or any kind of bug.  We have an open adoption with his birthmom (she is awesome!) and love that he will always have a relationship with her. 

We like to say that we have 2 angels and 2 miracles.  Our children have brought so much love and happiness with a lot of stress and craziness.  Wouldn't trade any of it!

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